4 Best Drug Crime Defenses You Should Know!

If you are arrested for a drug-related offence, it will be a matter of great trouble for you. Drug crimes are increasing these days, and it is crucial to know how you can be a victim of a false case against you and the best defense to be used against drug crime.

Drug crimes include manufacturing, using or distributing illegal drugs to harm one or others. Drug crimes are classified by their potential to inflict abuse. The first resort is to reach out to an experienced attorney who will defend you in court against all allegations against you.

Defenses like DUI, i.e., driving under the influence of drugs or domestic violence charges, are done with protocols and evidence. Hiring a highly qualified attorney to fight the case on your behalf is recommended.

Possible Punishments If You Are Found Guilty:

There are strict laws to control drug crimes, considering their potential to harm people by inflicting abuse or violence. Serious crimes include drug possession for self-consumption or to sell it, manufacturing or trafficking illegal drugs, etc.

Anyone found doing any such thing will be convicted, and the time you’ll have to spend in jail depends on several factors. Quality and type of drugs and previous records greatly determine the course of legal proceedings and defense. Your punishment will significantly increase if you have done such things before, in cases where the drug crime has harmed people and will make drug crime defense difficult.

Drug Crime Defenses

There are so many defenses that can use to your benefit; we will talk about some most commonly used ones that most attorneys are capable of. Although the defense dramatically depends on your situation, an experienced attorney will judge your situation and use one or more of these defenses:


1.      Not In Possession:

This is used when drugs are found in your name but not under your direct possession. It implies that the seized drugs are found to be yours, but your attorney will say they were not yours in your defense.

Your attorney will have to prove that you had no control or access to those drugs. It could mean somebody put those for you without your approval, or you had no idea their existence on your property. Good evidence can save you from conviction or considerably shorten your punishment.

2.      Entrapment:

When police officers go undercover or sting operations to find drugs, drug sellers, suppliers and manufacturers, it is called entrapment. This defense can be used when law enforcers use any stying operation to compel you to do something you probably would not have done.

This type of defense is difficult to win a case in your favour. Hence the best you can do is to hire an excellent attorney who has worked with such cases previously.

3.      Exceptions Where Marijuana Is Medically Legalised:

There are some states where it is permitted to use marijuana for medical purposes. A defense case becomes easier to win in such exceptions, provided you have all the required legal documents and medical papers.

You may say that you had marijuana because you were buying it for someone else who needs it as per medical requirements; here, also, papers are necessary.

4.      Attack On The Chain Of Custody:

They are safely kept in lockers after seizing drugs. Your defense attorney can challenge whether the drugs shown as evidence are the ones seized from you or some other case. This procedure attacks the chain of custody, which blames law enforcement.

The Best Defense Against Drug Crimes For You

Every defense is based on the situation, accused person and availability of proof. Getting in touch with an expert willing to help you is the best thing to do for any such problems.


DUI defense depends on you, in what state the police found you, what drugs you had consumed and what effect they had on you; similarly, domestic violence charges defense depends on the person who files a complaint against you and the availability of evidence and witnesses.

Everything comes down to what you do and how well you manage the situation. The best is to abide by the law, but by any chance, if you are accused of drug crimes, let an expert handle the situation for you and fight the case on your behalf.

Drug crimes defense are tricky since there are so many factors and elements involved. You can easily be tricked into something; let an expert guide you and reach out for help whenever you feel like it. Resorting to drugs will mess up your family and future.

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