Prominent Cedar Park Criminal Defense Attorneys:

With Cedar Park being one of Austin’s largest suburbs, it should come as no surprise that the area is home to many highly skilled criminal defense attorneys. While a variety of options is ideal when searching for an attorney perfectly fit to represent one’s case, when freshly charged with a crime it’s not uncommon to scramble and hire an ineffective attorney simply because they were the first option advertised. For those on a time crunch looking for highly rated and vetted Cedar Park criminal defense attorneys, here are some local options known for providing their clients with exceptional representation that leads to a case’s best possible outcome.

Daniel Wannamaker of Wannamaker and Associates:

Located just 10 minutes outside of Cedar Park, criminal defense attorney Daniel Wannamaker provides renowned representation, with over 34 years of experience defending some of Texas’ most complex and controversial cases. With a 10 year tenure as a federal defender, Wannamaker knows how to navigate all levels of the court and has a keen awareness of how to best represent a wide range of criminal cases. Throughout his career, Wannamaker has won countless trials and appeals, with many considering him a leader among Texas and Cedar Park criminal defense attorneys for his achievements. Being one of the few lawyers in the country board certified in both criminal law and criminal appellate law, Wannamaker has status as a high profile criminal defense lawyer who has represented many well-known individuals, including US Olympic swimmer James Feigen, and a former US State Department official who was officially pardoned by President Barack Obama. With a strong expertise and passion for law, Wannamaker has spoken in several professional lectures and seminars throughout the country and often provides guidance to his peers, with membership in several law associations including the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, and the Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. For a free consultation, call (512) 236- 9929.

Matthew Shanks of The Law Offices of C. Matthew Shanks:

With over 20 years of experience as an attorney and an office located right on New Hope Drive, Matthew Shanks is perfect for those looking for a communicative and dedicated local Cedar Park criminal defense attorney. Shanks has extensive knowledge of the Williamson County court system, as his legal career began as an Assistant County Attorney with the Williamson County Attorney’s Office where he handled a variety of cases from those involving family law to protective orders, and criminal law cases. When founding his Cedar Park law firm in 2005, Shanks decided to scale back his practice and currently focuses on juvenile and criminal law while also assisting clients in estate planning, wills, and probate services. Shanks handles a variety of criminal charges, including DWIs, burglary, probation violations, and assault. For his criminal defense, Shanks has received glowing reviews on the lawyer directory site and is known for his above and beyond approach to representation, repeatedly calling his clients with updates about their cases, and thoroughly explaining all aspects of the legal process. Shanks’ attentive and professional nature allows him to build trust with his clients, letting them know when a favorable plea bargain is achievable or if it is wise to go to trial. For a free consultation, call (512) 795- 4165.

Rick Cofer of Cofer and Connelly PLLC:

Rick Cofer is a locally acclaimed criminal defense attorney known for maintaining a high record of success in his representation, with over 94% of his cases since 2019 being resolved with a dismissal or acquittal. Throughout his career, Cofer has represented thousands of cases including over one hundred in front of a judge and jury. With over eight years of experience as a Travis County Assistant County Attorney and Travis County Assistant District Attorney, Cofer knows how the most and least severe criminal cases are prosecuted and in turn how to defend these cases in court. In addition to being a celebrated criminal defense attorney, Cofer is also a prominent Austin juvenile attorney with substantial experience working in juvenile courts and representing clients that are dealing with mental health issues. Cofer is a devoted member of the Austin community and is a member of many important local organizations, acting as the vice chair for both the Texas Health Action Kind Clinic and the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Board. For a free consultation, call (512) 991- 0576.

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