6 Steps to Take If You’re In a Motorcycle Accident

Every year, tens of thousands of accidents occur involving a motorcycle. Sometimes, these are due to the motorcycle driver’s negligence. Sometimes, they’re caused by other automobile drivers. And in rare cases, they are due to malfunctioning equipment.

In any case, motorcycle accidents are common, and it’s important that you know what to do if you’re involved in one. The following steps are the basic guidelines to follow.

Move – If Possible

The last thing you want is to put yourself in more danger while you’re waiting on the emergency response team. If you are in the middle of oncoming traffic and are able to move, get to safety immediately.

Call 911

It’s essential that you get help there immediately. Call 911, giving them as much information about your condition and the condition of any other parties as quickly as you can. If anyone is seriously injured, be sure you communicate this as clearly as possible.

Gather Your Own Evidence

The police will gather information about the crash, but it’s important that you do, as well. Take pictures of everything you can, including the scene, your vehicle, the other vehicle, license plate numbers, markings on the road, and anything else you notice.

Also, be sure that you exchange information with the other driver or drivers involved in the accident. This should include names, phone numbers, and insurance information, at the very least. If you find that the other party is combative and unwilling to cooperate, you can wait until the police arrive and let them get this information instead.

Seek Medical Care

It’s also important that you get checked out to ensure there are no injuries. In the moments right after an accident, people are typically in shock. This makes it difficult for the body to process any pain or signs of trouble. Sometimes, it takes weeks for symptoms to present themselves, even though they’ve been there all along.

Let the EMTs check you at the scene. If you feel anything wrong or they recommend a visit to the hospital, don’t hesitate. It’s always best to play it safe.

You might also consider visiting a chiropractor. One of the main injuries sustained in an accident is whiplash, but people don’t always notice it right away. Visiting a chiropractor can help pinpoint any issues, even if you don’t notice them right away.

Call Your Insurer

Of course, you need to let your insurer know right away when you’re involved in an accident – even if it’s not your fault. They can provide guidance and help walk you through the process.

Find An Attorney

It’s also important to find a motorcycle accident lawyer. Whether you are the one at fault or not, having a lawyer on your side protects your rights. And if you’re injured in such an accident, they can help ensure you get the maximum compensation for damages and injuries. Most do not charge an upfront fee. Instead, they only collect when you do.

While accidents vary to some degree, they require the same basic response. By following the steps above, you can more easily navigate the process after being involved in a motorcycle accident and increase your chances of getting back to life more quickly.

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