Coverage for motorcycle accessories


Any motorcycle owner who has added custom parts to their motorcycle should consider getting accessories insurance to help cover the costs of repairing these parts when damaged or replacing them if necessary. Motorcycle accessories are those parts that are added to the bike after the vehicle has left the factory floor.

In addition to installing specialised gear or components on their bikes for safety, many motorcyclists do it to express their unique personalities. Accessories coverage may also be referred to as Custom Parts and Equipment coverage by some insurance firms.

In the event that you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you can file a claim with your insurance company. Talk to your Philadelphia, PA motorcycle accident attorneys if you want to know what your best course of action is for the legal proceedings. 

Which accessories fall under the purview of these policies?

Your accessory coverage might cover the following list of motorcycle insurance accessories for motorcycles.

  • A antenna
  • Electronic apparatus

A trailer

  • Original paintings
  • Exhaust devices

The sidecar

  • Conversion kits for trikes
  • Headgear

Leather clothing

  • Mower and plough blades.

Ask your insurance if your policy covers these components or if you have put other bespoke items on your motorcycle in addition to them. Different motorcycle insurance carriers cover different sorts of accessories. These data on motorcycle helmet accidents will persuade you to wear a helmet whether or not your insurance coverage does.

Is accessory coverage required to be purchased?

The majority of Warminster motorbike insurance providers will provide you with some level of coverage for your accessories and unique parts under the terms of their current collision insurance or comprehensive insurance policy. However, you might discover that the coverage is constrained if all of your custom parts have been insured under your comprehensive and collision coverage plans. You might discover that your accessories coverage is significantly greater and more advantageous to you if you choose to cover custom parts as an accessory under a separate Custom Parts and Equipment policy.

The most important thing for each motorcycle rider to do is to get insurance. In fact, just like the owner of a car, a Warminster resident who rides a motorcycle is required by Pennsylvania law to acquire the needed minimum motorcycle insurance. You can make a claim with your insurer in the event of an accident to receive compensation for your losses.

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