What Not To Do After You Have Been Involved in a Bicycle Accident

Many cities around the country are working hard and trying to push for more people to use bicycles than cars. To this end they are seeking to create a safe way of cycling through cities either via bike only routes or buckle lanes on the roads. Whilst this is good news for cyclists, there are still many lawyers who see a number of clients who have been the victim of a bicycle accident and who have injuries which were caused through not fault of their own. Cycling is great fun but you must ensure that you are staying safe on the roads. If you do have an accident, here is what you should make sure that you don’t do.

Not Calling The Police

Any incident which takes place on the road must be reported to the police as soon as possible. In a lot of bicycle accidents we see many riders encouraged by the guilty party to not call the police and to deal with it between themselves. Even if the motorist or other road user says this, you should always ensure that you have called the police and that you leave a statement with them about what has happened.

Throwing Away or Cleaning Clothes

If you later claim for damages then the clothes which you were wearing in the accident could be helpful in terms of evidence. This is why you should ensure that you preserve this evidence following the accident.

Speaking With Insurance Companies

Sometimes the insurance company of the guilty party may call you to make you a compensation offer or to try and scare you from pushing forward with a case. It is important however that you ignore any kinds of calls and conversations and instead speak with trained legal professionals who will be able to do the talking on your behalf.

Ignoring Witnesses

If you have the wherewithal after the accident to speak with those who have witnessed what took place, then you should look to take their details so that you can contact them if you push forward with a case. An personal injury claim should be backed up by as much evidence as possible and witness statements will be very important.

Seeking Medical Attention

Never ignore the need to seek medical attention after your accident. If there are immediate health risks then of course you should get checked out, but even if you think that you are feeling alright, it is still worth getting the once over. There are a number of injuries which the adrenaline may be masking and there are other injuries which can come on much later. This is why it is critical that you always get checked out to make sure that there are no immediate health risks.

Remembering this information will ensure that you are prepared for what to do in the event of a bicycle accident.

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