4 Reasons to Hire a Defense Attorney for Sexual Assault Case

If you have been accused of sexual assault, you have a right to a lawyer. You are considered innocent until a court of law confirms you are guilty. The plaintiff and prosecutor will build a case, and you must defend yourself. They will have evidence against you, and you will need a competent defense attorney from a reputable Seattle defense law firm to help you with the case. Keep reading to know why you’ll need a competent lawyer to help you with the sexual assault case.

To Help You Understand the Case and Its Consequences

Sexual assault is not a simple case. A conviction is punishable by 3 to 16 years in prison. If convicted of a level 1 felony, you can get 20 to 40 years in prison. So if you have a sexual assault case to answer, you should try your best to put up the best defense. Hiring a lawyer from a top-rated Seattle defense law firm will be the starting point. The attorney will review the evidence against you and listen to your case account. They will explain the consequences of the case, guide you throughout the case, and defend you.

When Your Partner Withdraws Consent After Sex

Sometimes you can have a sexual assault case even after your sexual partner had consented. This mainly happens if both or one party was drunk or under the influence of a drug. If your sexual partner withdraws consent after sex, you will need a good sexual assault lawyer to defend you. Don’t assume that it is a simple case. It is a serious case, and an experienced lawyer will know how to navigate it so it can be dropped or reduce the sentence or penalties.

To Drop the Charges or Reduce the Sentence

As mentioned, you can get a 3 to 16 years jail term when you are convicted of a sexual assault offense. However, the jail term or penalties can be worse depending on the evidence and aggravating factors. When you hire a trusted Seattle defense law firm, they will provide you with a sexual assault defense lawyer to help you at every step of the case. The lawyer knows the ins and outs and will employ their experience to convince the judge to throw out the case. If that is not possible, the attorney will try their best to reduce your sentence.

Control Reputational Damage

Sexual assault accusations can damage your career and reputation. However, if you hire a competent sex crime defense attorney, they will help you with tips to control reputational damage and protect your career or academic journey. The attorney will use also try their best to help you avoid placement on the sex offender registry. Without a competent sexual assault defense lawyer on your side, you will suffer reputation damage, and you may not be able to recover from that even after the case has been finalized.

Please note that sexual assault cases are different, and you shouldn’t rely on rumors/personal opinions from individuals around you to make your decisions. You should hire a competent sexual assault defense attorney to help you with the case. If all goes well, the charges might be dropped, and if convicted, you will get a shorter sentence.

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