5 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Maritime Accidents

Some major causes of shipping accidents include overreliance on GPS, distractions, fatigue, and commercial pressure. If you are traveling by sea or cruising, you want to be extra careful to reach your destination safely.

Mariners should always be careful when on the sea and be confident enough to identify and mitigate any risk surrounding them. Risk in the sea can come from adopting new regulations, developing technology, and employing new procedures. When you are involved in a maritime accident, you should hire a maritime accident attorney to represent you in court.

Here are some proven tips you can reduce maritime accidents as a mariner:

  1. Report the risk on time 

There is always a probability that you will be involved in a maritime accident as long as you cruise. These accidents will still happen no matter the precautions you take. Therefore, you should ensure you report any accidents to the relevant persons and eliminate the risks as soon as possible.

  1. Learn from your mistakes

Whenever you make a mistake that almost cost you your life, you should learn from that. Don’t forget to learn from those around you also when you cruise. If you want to increase your knowledge and understanding of maritime accident and risk prevention, you should keep studying accident reports and other sources of industry information.

  1. Always plan ahead

What should be your next move when you are involved in an accident? In most cases, maritime or even road accidents can be anticipated. You should therefore plan in case of an accident. Predict the risk before it happens and plan ways to mitigate it. Any system can fail, and it’s important to always have a plan B in place.

  1. Lookout 

Most maritime accidents happen during anchorage. If you are cruising for the first time you want to ensure you are always safe and in the safe spot when accidents happen. Stay alert when you are anchoring and keep updated with any weather changes. You should anticipate currents and weather changes when you travel by sea.

If you don’t look out, you are more likely to involve in a maritime accident. If you are cruising, you should not forget to look out the window. Watch your steps when standing on the balcony or operating machines in the cruise.

  1. Fatigue and distraction are dangerous 

If you feel exhausted, the best you can do is rest. Don’t operate a machine if you feel tired and cannot do it anymore. Fatigue can cause the same risk as drinking.

You should also avoid distractions as a mariner. If you feel like you are stretched and you are being distracted while on duty, you should not hesitate to call your master.

As a mariner, you should work as a team and learn from others. Anticipate risk and help your team learn and understand what they can do to prevent most of the maritime accidents. Keep yourself and your colleague safe when traveling by sea.

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