Common And Severe Injuries From Slip And Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are one of the leading causes of emergency room admissions in the United States. Severe injuries occur from these accidents, and some are deadly. People commonly experience only minor cuts and bruises from a slip and fall, but they also can cause serious hip, back, and brain injuries. Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, on public premises, private property, at work, and even in your own home.

You may be entitled to receive compensation for a slip and fall injury incurred at work or on private property. You can submit an insurance claim to recover compensation from the property owner’s insurance policy. Or, you may choose to file a lawsuit if the owner breached a duty or responsibility to keep the property free from unreasonable hazards that caused your injury.

The following are common injuries that occur from slip and fall accidents:

  • Bone fracture:

Slip and fall accidents can cause fractured bones, injured joints, and other internal injuries that may not be readily visible to the naked eye. You should seek medical attention immediately following a fall. The surrounding muscles, tissues, blood vessels, and other fragile internal body parts can be further injured from a bone fracture if it is not treated properly.

If your bone breaks from the accident, it should be treated as an emergency. If you don’t receive treatment immediately, you risk infection, further injury, and life long disability. Broken arms and legs are one of the main reasons for long term disabilities and hip fractures are one of the most common and worst things that can result from a slip and fall injury.

  • Brain injury:

Brain injury, sometimes referred to as traumatic brain injury or TBI, usually results from a violent blow to the head. The leading causes of brain injuries are sports related trauma and slip and fall accidents. If you slip, you can fall on your back, hitting your head onto the ground with great force. A fall like this can affect your brain function significantly. You may experience skull fracture, loss of consciousness, injury to the internal tissues, and reduced mobility, confusion, and other detrimental effects on your physical and mental well-being. Mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, are a common result of brain injuries.

  • Spinal cord injury:

Another result of slip and fall accidents are spinal injuries that damage the central nervous system. Your entire body can be affected by a spinal cord injury. For example, you may suffer nerve conditions that limit your body’s ability to coordinate mobility.

  • Sprains:

Another very common injury from slip and fall accidents are sprained joints. A sprain may sound relatively minor when compared to brain and spinal injuries, but sprains are notoriously painful and take a lot of time to heal.

It is important to rest while healing from a sprain. Your physician may advise that activities that cause pain and swelling be avoided until you have fully recovered. Failing to rest properly while healing from a sprain will only prolong the pain.

  • Torn ligaments and tendons:

Slipping alone can be dangerous, causing torn tendons and ligaments. The joints of your body may become dislocated resulting in tendon and ligament damage. You can suffer an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) or posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) tear, which could have long term effects on your mobility.

Sports are a common cause of ACL and PCL tears, but any unnatural bending or twisting of the knee can cause this type of injury.

Your knee can also be severely injured from a slip and fall accident. It may result in dislocation of the kneecap, hyperextension, or meniscus damage. You can contact a injury lawyer at Kattar Law, P.C. if you have been the victim of a slip and fall accident and injured.

We will resolve your case with expertise, professionalism, and zealous representation. We can also help you to file a lawsuit if the responsible party refuses to pay for your damages.

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