Facing offence charges is an overwhelming experience. It impacts almost all aspects of life. Even though you might be facing a criminal charge, there are chances that it might not turn into a criminal record. When facing such charges, you need an experienced Criminal Lawyer Lethbridge by your side. Each criminal charge is unique in its own right. Having an experienced lawyer by your side will help you to be at ease. You can be sure that they will handle complex and difficult cases easily. Following are just a few different areas of practice in criminal law.

Animal Cruelty

If facing animal cruelty or abuse charges, you need a lawyer who is experienced in the field. They will review the circumstances of the case. Based on that they will work towards building a strategic defence. This approach will help to avoid heft fines or sentencing associated with such cases. When the lawyer is experienced, it becomes easier to find a proper resolution to the case. The reason is that they have the knowledge and skills to handle the lawsuit properly.


When we think of serious criminal offences, we often think of homicide. Sentencing associated with homicide charges is quite severe. Having the right knowledgable lawyer is essential. It is the lawyer who can make a complete difference to your case. With their skills, they can help you avoid the maximum jail time, in case guilty. Though most of the time, these charges aren’t dismissed or acquitted. However, the right lawyer can help to build up a strong defence which will work towards bringing down the chances of damages associated with such a case.


Looking to have charges reversed or removed from the record? For that purpose, you need an experienced appellate lawyer. As they have expertise in the field. They will provide you with the needed legal support for all types of appeal cases. Often appeal cases tend to be quite complicated. Having such a team of lawyers will help you to ensure that your rights are protected.

Youth Offence

The laws in place for youth offences are different. When your child has been accused of a youth offence, you require an experienced criminal lawyer to defend your child. A team of lawyers that is qualified and experienced will work towards building a strong defence to protect your child. It is essential to have a lawyer by your side who has the necessary knowledge associated with youth offences.


Another grievous criminal charge is Kidnapping. When faced with this charge, you need to contact your lawyer right away. Such a charge should not derail your life. What you need is strategic defence from your team of lawyers. Whether forcible confinement or abduction, the lawyers should have the required knowledge and experience to handle this case smoothly.

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