Why do you need slip and fall injury lawyers?

Your injury might have been caused by a careless property owner who was aware of a hazard but did nothing about it, thus leaving you wounded, out of job, and with mounting medical costs. Our skilled attorneys at Grillo Law who have achieved multiple million-dollar victories for injured clients, can assist you in filing a slip and fall cases.

If you decide to pursue compensation from the entity responsible for your accident, having a medical record that details your injuries can be invaluable evidence in settlement discussions or in court. As a result, visiting a doctor determine the degree of your injuries and receive the medical treatment you require is critical for your health and future financial stability.

When you’re involved in a rideshare accident in California, having a rideshare accident lawyer in California who understands the intricacies of these cases can be invaluable. Let us be your advocate.

You or your slip and fall lawyer should contact the management or property owner of the area where your injury happened as quickly as possible, in addition to getting medical assistance.

The following are examples of slip-and-fall accidents:

  • insufficient illumination in pathways and stairwells
  • floors and surfaces that are cold, snowy, greasy, or wet
  • extension wires hidden by things left on the ground level
  • stairwells that aren’t well-designed
  • constructions that are substandard
  • sidewalks and parking lots that aren’t well-maintained

Any of these dangerous circumstances can result in a significant injury if a fall occurs. Scrapes and bruises to shattered bones, hip fractures, and death are just some of the traumas that can be incurred.

Commercial enterprises, as well as property owners, may be held accountable for slip-and-fall incidents that occur on their grounds if:

  • Due to the defendant’s inability to create a safe environment, the plaintiff (fall victim) was hurt.
  • Due to the defendant’s failure to adequately notify visitors of potential safety dangers on their land, the plaintiff was harmed.
  • A slip-and-fall lawyer can also assist you with your claim by:
  • questioning witnesses and, if necessary, engaging specialists with unique knowledge of premises responsibility
  • examining the accident scene, collecting police reports and photographic evidence, and arranging your medical records and bills
  • negotiating a suitable settlement amount with the defendant and their insurance carrier on your behalf

Lawyers almost typically operate on a contingency fee arrangement in a slip and fall case which means the lawyer receives a percentage of whatever settlement or jury judgement you earn. If you don’t get paid, neither does your attorney.

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